re versible

frame animation

The replay of music and the observation on the physical data carrier of a cassette as an image for the dismantling of data. The resulting play of music, which is reflected in the maximum accumulation of physical memory.

Speculative implementation of a tooth bristle regeneration. Is this only a thought experiment – or rather a rethinking? Are the surrounding objects finally mounted? Is it possible to create a new environment based on reversibility in the (de)montage process?

To regard the (de)montage as a two-way process makes it possible in the next step to dissolve surrounding static objects. Statics becomes dynamics. Dynamics becomes (de)montage. A picture becomes a dynamic story.

Read. To detach what has been read from its context. Twisting the read in its sense. Assembly_Dismantling_Assembly_?

The handle of the tennis racket is (de)assembled in several layers. These layers form a strong aesthetic counterpole. The disassembly poses the speculative question of reassembly. Assembly_Dismantling_Assembly_?