mural mirror

Aesthetics of anaesthesia, the exciting double of the perception of objects in spaces of non-perception, is transferred into three products. The designed collection consists of a night table, an operation lamp and the mural mirrors shown in this article. Each of the developed products refers to specific phenomena of anaesthesia.

The historical development of methods and diverse cultural attitudes regarding anaesthesia are hidden in magic, trance and cult, not only in medical practice. In the history of anaesthesia there was something magical about poisonous plants. The metaphor of a historical magic garden with its sensual characteristics can be invoked for the design of the fragmental mirroring surface.

Today, the constituted reality of clinical scenarios is linked to a dreamlike material presence of hygienic stainless steel surfaces as well as protective latex gloves. The designed mural mirror is a reflection of this magical universe of anaesthesia.

A differentiated application of materials and colours is able to go beyond the purely technical function and create a paradigm shift in the perception of clinical atmospheres. The setting of the sterile materials of stainless steel and latex, which are already in use today, is thus given a new scenic appearance. Visual exploration of one’s own reflection is possible in the reshaped reflective stainless steel surfaces, while the latex areas create a tactile attraction. Stainless steel and latex, contrary to their sterile properties, emerge as aesthetically alive and invite interaction with the wall mirror.

Like a second skin, the light brown and violet latex covers the angled product body of the mural mirror.

The implemented stainless steel is mainly used in the field of medical technology as the material has high corrosion resistance, strength and general chemical resistance. The Mirror-polished stainless steel sheet is provided by the manufacturer Mirrorinox. The final shape is customised on a bending machine.

The contemporary materials used in the clinical context create a magical landscape. Reflective metal surfaces and colourful latex gloves characterise the medical spaces. Very tangible effects, such as the flickering and fragmentation of spaces, are taken up as design potentials.

The mural mirror can be used either as a free-standing product or as an interior facade. Reflecting sections emerge between latex-covered surfaces, the senses move between anaesthesia and ecstasy

Anaesthesia Concept
Kathrin Alischer

Product Design
Kathrin Alischer

Highly polished stainless steel sheet, latex sheeting

Elia Schmid